About US.

ChyTel communications was established 17 years ago when mobile phones just began to be part of everyone’s life. Particularly when T-mobile (one2one) started with free calls to land lines with the lowest MRC ever.

We at ChyTel saw the opportunity in the market and started the retail operation in Birmingham back in 1994.

We opened our first mobile phone shop in Birmingham selling T-mobile contracts, primarily focusing on the Asian community.

Within a very short time ChyTel became a well know name in the mobile phone industry.

Today 17 years on we are probably the most trust worthy name in the consumer market amongst established phone retailers.

As we grew we decided to open our first flagship store on London Mile End Road, T-Mobile’s then (One2One) Commercial Director Paul Donovon officially opened this branch.

While maintaining our strongest selling areas we carried on expanding the retail operators.

Our retail presence were in major high streets including the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Birmingham, Finchley Road and Ilford Street.

We have now shrinked our retail presence to focus more on distribution.

Customer Base

  • Mobile accessories shops/kiosks
  • Internet shops
  • Market traders
  • News agents
  • Mini supermarkets
  • Asian/ethnic off license
  • Specialised grocery outlets
  • Asian food store (includes Chinese)
  • Eastern European food stores (Russian/polish/Lithuanian)
  • Travel shops (Asian)

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